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About Us

Triple Logic Systems provides innovative internet marketing solutions and tools for businesses in the customer service based industry. Our business management strategies will help you create a comprehensive marketing plan for your business goals and targets as well as guide you in their implementation, made possible through your customized CRM software. Our company's solutions are perfect for any on-the-field customer service, such as cleaning services, locksmiths, repair technicians and janitorial services.

Call Center

Call centers are the heart of any location based service industry. Your sales staff represents your company and they are often the first impression a potential customer will receive. We provide a training program for new recruits and a continuing education for current staff focusing on a customer-centric method of sales. With our training program, your sales and customer service employees will learn to synchronize sales, customer service, and customer retention within the call center framework. Our training emphasizes the application of sales tactics, such as closing sales, dealing with customer complaints, increasing sales potential, follow ups, advancing and retaining customer memberships while managing internal marketing campaigns within the CRM system.

Consultation: Our consultation services will guide you on your call center equipment purchases, such as most recommended phone systems to install, the ultimate CRM to suit your needs, etc. This is in addition to steering your employees towards a more sales oriented customer service.

Software Development

Triple Logic Systems can build you a customized Customer Relationship Management system complete with relevant features for your industry. Your tailor-made CRM will provide you with a comprehensive system that will help you handle a number of business operations simultaneously and on demand, such as scheduling appointments, sending out dispatches and creating customer reports portraying all relevant and essential data.

Our GPS based onsite tools, such as our mobile app for Android and iOS, are integrated with the CRM and allow for real time communication between your headquarters and your employees on the field, making messaging, scheduling/cancelling a service call, updating time frames and access to customer history not only immediate, but also more efficient.

Rather than having separate systems for your phone, customer management and sales, we can also integrate your CRM with a Voice over IP, essentially connecting all of your business management needs together in an easily accessible and manageable way. When a customer calls your business, all of their relevant information will be brought up on the screen and your sales team will be able to review their complete history. Once the phone conversation has ended, your team member can handle the scheduling and notes for your customer directly from one system, rather than having to switch screens or applications.

Our integrated system also tracks and analyzes advertising campaigns in real time. This system will inform the call center from which advertisement a customer is calling, providing you specific analytics to measure your ad campaigns directly through your CRM.

Web Presence

Triple Logic Systems has been at the forefront of website creation and design since its earliest days. Our website design and SEO marketing focuses on maximal internet presence, purposeful user interface and lead generation.

We are results based, so we measure our success and yours through actual leads obtained by various forms of media.

To achieve these results we utilize a variety of internet marketing strategies to attract customers. Organic leads result in higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, which translates into higher conversion rates. With our organic SEO, your company will rank high on your industry's keywords, making your web presence far reaching. We achieve organic results by optimizing your website through a number of marketing strategies and constant observation of the most recent search engine algorithm changes.

Paid per click advertising or PPC, provides some leverage for your company's advertising by appearing in competitive paid advertising spots that match a keyword list or a site with related content. The results are usually immediate, which saves time, but PPC does require daily intensive tracking and management.

Internet marketing is more than just SEO and PPC, it is also about keeping your brand visible on social media. Your company can drive a good amount of traffic to your site by opening and managing accounts and posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and related blogs. Social media not only keeps your company relevant in search results, it also creates authority, trustworthiness and customer loyalty. Of course a social media presence requires a different set of SEO skills. Social media managers must have an acute attention to detail in order to track and analyze your social platform as well as maintain an active and relevant social media profile.

A strong web presence allows for potential and current customers to become familiar with your brand while many online platforms like Google +, Facebook, and Twitter encourage brand/customer interaction. Online reviews are now the new method of advertising and as such, your online reputation is dependent on positive feedback from customers. Our reputation management will assist you in not only keeping track of your online reviews for your customer service benefit but we will also help you implement a method of responding to both positive and negative reviews, which will ensure a clean and relevant online profile. An additional online management tool we provide is tracking brand infringement incidences, i.e., duplicated text and other copyright materials on the web.


Thank you for your interest in working at Triple Logic.

We are currently seeking applicants for the following position:

SEO Specialist

Search Engine Optimization / Marketing (SEO/SEM)


  • High Level of English - Speaking and writing - is a MUST.
  • +2 years of hands-on SEO experience.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in technical and content-driven SEO.
  • Experience optimizing websites on Google Search.
  • Experience working with popular online marketing tools Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Majestic, Moz, Screaming Frog, SEMRush etc. - Advantage.
  • Experience in the Home Services niche - Advantage.
  • Managing and team-leading experience - Advantage.
  • Local SEO experience in Google - Advantage.
  • Availability for a full-time remote job 5 days/week.

Job Description & Responsibilities:

  • Turning KW research and data into actionable insights and strategy recommendations, all in order to grow the number of leads on various websites.
  • Delivery of innovative ideas to drive organic traffic and engagement performance.
  • Use of SEO tools to perform competitor research, analyze link profiles and identify content opportunities.
  • Creating a strong backlink profile citations, blogs, forums etc.
  • On-site optimization.
  • Content management.
  • Market research.


We offer:

  • High salary result based.
  • Daily work with a professional and experienced team.
  • Interesting & Challenging position.




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